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Partners from Bulgaria, Association of University Foreign Language Teachers

Association of University Foreign Language Teachers
(in English)

Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohridsky"
Contact address: 125 "Tsarigradsko Shosse" Blvd, bl. 3, room 230

The Association of University Foreign Language Teachers, established to the Sofia University has a long tradition of developing and implementing courses for adult lerners withing the University. The AUFLT organization utilises the experiewnce of University teachers with outstanding reputation, each one of them being employed by contest. These teachres, training other teachers as part of their job, are well aware of the latest trends in foreign language teaching. The focus of their work is placed on studying the foreign language with respect to future professional communication and a combination mastering of the four language skills of reading, speaking, writing and listening. The AUFLT organization has a long term experience in designing and implementing tailor-made courses, both withing the premises of the Sofia University and in the learners' organisations. Apart from that, the teachers from AUFLT and the department of Foreign Languages to the Sofia University have worked out, defended and implemented a number of projects in the field of foreign language teaching and acquisition. Some of the most successful projects under the Leonardo da Vinchi program of the EC are "European Language Portfolio for Vocational Purposes", worked out in five languages, the project "English for Career Counselors" and a project for learning a second foreign language for language teachers.