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Partners from Bulgaria, International College Albena

(in English)

3, Bulgaria street, 9300 Dobrich
Telephone: +359 (0)58 655 620, +359 (0)58 655 640
Fax: +359 (0)58 605 760
E-mail: icollege@mail.bg

International College - Albena is an institution of higher education accredited by the Bulgarian Council of Ministers and chartered by an Act of the Bulgarian Parliament (The State Gazette, issue 44/12.05.1999). International College - Albena offers three bachelor degree programmes, three of them taught in English and delivered in cooperation with universities from the Netherlands and Great Britain, awarding international and Bulgarian degrees.

International College - Albena is a modern, professional, higher education business school which puts students first, teaching them to be competitive and to be ready to take over the management of businesses in compliance with European market regulations.

- Educating competitive, highly qualified specialists in management, marketing, tourism and hospitality management, economy, computer studies, etc. Our graduates must meet the needs of the Bulgarian and the international business, and must face the challenges of the ever-changing labour market.
- Providing high quality professional education by satisfying the educational needs and strivings of students; strictly observing the regulations governing this type ofeducation in the Republic of Bulgaria, the standards in research and education adopted by evaluating and accrediting bodies of the EU.
- Achieving European-wide recognition of the diplomas issued by International College - Albena; providing opportunities for our students to continue their studies in reputable foreign universities and obtain Bachelor or Master degrees in marketing, management, IT, or tourism and hospitality management.

Some background
Higher School International College - Albena (ICA) was established in September 1992 under a joint Bulgarian - Dutch PSO project for cooperation of the Dutch government with Central and Eastern European countries. About twenty students enrolled in a 2-year course in hotel management in Albena summer resort. The non-profit organization Bulgarian - Dutch School of Management was founded in September 1993. Its purpose was to legalize the educational structure. Later the organization was re-registered under the name International Institute of Management (non-profit organization). In September 1996, the new organization approved the establishment of a college under the Law of Higher Education by developing a project for accreditation and submitting it to the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation.
On April 2, 1998, the Accreditation Council of the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation awarded initial institutional accreditation to International College - Albena. Subsequently, the new higher education school was approved by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria (Ordinance dated 23.08.1998) and opened, following a decision of the Bulgarian Parliament dated 05.05.1999 (The State Gazette 44/1999). Today International College - Albena is an independent private higher school which provides higher education and awards the qualification degree Bachelor after a 3-year course of study.
On 03.08.2006, by Act 29/03.08.2006 of the Accreditation Council of the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation, the College and its operations received a Good grade, and the institutional accreditation was extended until 2012. Up to the present day, over one thousand Bulgarian and thirty-eight foreign students have graduated from International College - Albena. The intake for academic year 2006/2007 is over 900 students, including 28 international students from the UK, Norway, Russia, Macedonia, Turkey, Albania and other countries.