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Partners from Spain, LID Editorial Empresarial, S.L.

LID Editorial Empresarial
(in English)

General information

Publishing house. Since 1983 we have been providing both new ideas and historic examples, solving translation problems and clarifying concepts for entrepreneurs and managers. This year 2006 will see a further 40 new publications.

Dictionary collection

  • Concept oriented not lemma oriented.
  • Multilingual with definition.
  • All terms are relevant and updated frequently.
  • Definitions are concise, practical and original.
  • Tailor-made for any given areas and languages.
  • Specialised multilingual dictionaries are in growing demand.
  • Since 1983 we have built a recognised professional collection.
  • Extensive database in 20 languages.
  • You'll benefit from selling the rights of your own language abroad through LID.
  • Multiple combinations of language and subjects from a common database.
  • We are ready to offer you an excellent deal.
Some titles:
  • Business and Management (10,000 terms)
  • Information and Communication Technologies (8,000 terms)
  • Construction and Real Estate (10,000 terms)
  • Marketing and Advertising (7,000 terms)
  • Diplomacy and International Relations (4,000 terms)
  • Metabolism and Nutrition (3,500 terms)
  • Geriatrics and Gerontology (3,000 terms)
  • Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery (7,000 terms)
  • Oncology (6,000 terms)

For more information please visit www.lideditorial.com